ASUS 'Trinity' specs and benchmark results Page: 1
More information on ASUS's playtoy GFX card 'Trinity' has reached the net.
Sooner than expected the guys at NordicHardware have now posted news of the specifications of the 'concept' ASUS EAH3850 Trinity 3 core graphics card as well as benchmark results.
Following on from our previous article, below are the specs and results.
At the time of the previous article (linked above) we didn't have a clue as to what the spec of the card was.... Well now we do.  The memory runs at 1656MHz with each of the three cores getting 512MB GDDR3 allocated to itself.  The cores themselves run at 668Mhz as well as the card sporting 960 unified shaders.

Benchmarks have been released using the card overclocked as far as it would go using Catalyst Control Centre.  The settings used for the bench runs were 769MHz/1053MHz (2106MHz) and the rig itself was aircooled.  Apparently these overclocks were only limited by the the lack of software tools and nothing else.  Anyhow the results achieved appear to be rather impressive.
The system used for the benches was based on the ASUS Rampage Formula X48 with an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 overclocked to 4.6 GHz  (419x11).

The 3DMark03 results are exceptionally high for a single card solution.

Now down to business:
3DMark 03: 94,110 points
Trinity 3DMark03

3DMark06 benchmarks were also run and although not quite as impressive its still extremely good for a system that was air cooled (baring the card itself).  For this bench the processor clock was changed for a higher bus to 4.55GHz (455x11).

3DMark 06: 24,909 points
Trinity 3DMark06
Now then.. As said in the previous article, this card isn't likely to be mass produced for general sale, but it does at least show what they are capable of and that they are also willing to spend some money on testing out new ideas and bringing them to life.
Impressed by these results or this its just a big waste of their time and money?
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