ASUS Unleashes Sheer Power with the ROG MATRIX 5870 Page: 1

ASUS today extended its Republic of Gamers (ROG) lineup of graphics cards with the ASUS ROG MATRIX 5870 GPU. According to the manufacturer, the card has everything serious gamers could possibly wish for.

The MARTIX 5870 is bestowed with 2GB of GDDR5 RAM clocked at 4.8GHz. The core clock is set at 894MHz with a true 256-bit interface. The built-in Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) ensures that all the processing power of the 5870 reference card is directed exclusively at applications that demand raw power. This allows the MATRIX 5870 to deliver optimum power when needed and create a gaming experience never felt before.

The SHE boosts graphics performance in extreme heavy-duty first person shooter titles by an average 19% and also brings about an unbelievable 54% drop in the noise generated by the GPU.

The MATRIX 5870 has been designed specifically for overclocking enthusiasts and sports the iTracker2 engine. This hardware-software bridge allows enthusiasts to fine tune their overclocking to the extreme level without worrying about crashes. The iTracker2 engine keeps track of tolerances in real time and brings the card down to safe running levels if it detects any chances of a crash.

For users who prefer quick and easy performance boosts, the card also features five present overclocking profiles. When combined with the iTracker2, these profiles also make it easier for new overclockers to learn the trade by providing them continuous monitoring of GPU performance so that they can understand the changes made.

With so much raw power, the MATRIX 5870 is bound to need a superior cooling module, which ASUS has provided through the custom fan-heatsink combo. Not only does the combo deliver 22% more air pressure than required by the reference, but it also keeps the card running at 13% lower temperatures than the base card.

Last but not the least is the latest version of ProbeIt, ASUS’ in-house development for voltage measuring. Using points on the graphics card itself, ProbeIt provides real-time voltage measurements for the GPU core, PCIe bus, board, and memory via a multimeter. The readings let overclockers know exactly what changes are taking place in terms of card voltage through their tweaks, and compare them with the readings delivered by software.

On the whole, the ASUS ROG MATRIX 5870 comes through as a powerful card that has been designed for pure overclocking fun and extreme gaming. No word on availability or pricing yet, though.

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