ASUS Unveils the M4A89GTD Pro Motherboard – an Overclockers’ Delight Page: 1

ASUS today unveiled an exclusive core unlocking technology that’s part of its newly launched M4A89GTD Pro Series motherboard. The technology has the ability to add core processing power by unlocking latent CPUs in AMD chips.

Based on the latest AMD 890GX chipset and carrying an advanced AMD graphics card, the M4A89GTD Pro motherboard is one powerful system. The entire series supports both ATI CrossFireX and Hybrid CrossFireX. The quality of visuals from the motherboards is exceptional, considering that the series combines advanced rendering from the DX10.1 graphics API with CrossFireX technologies.

The M4A89GTD Pro is also advanced in its support of SATA 6Gb/s; it features native support through its SB 850 chipset. Downloading, backing up data, and content sharing is also speeded up significantly through the two external USB 3.0 ports. ASUS has used Xtreme Design in the creation of the M4A89GTD series, which gives the motherboards unparalleled stability and performance.  

But the best feature of the motherboard is its exclusive Core Unlocker, which delivers instant performance boost at the throw of a switch. The boost comes from activation of up to four latent AMD CPU cores, which take the processing performance of triple- or quad-core CPUs to the maximum. This works great for applications that call for multitasking or for intensive gaming. Overclockers can really enjoy this as the extra cores would help them improve their overclocking performance by as much as 103%.

Also included in the motherboard is a system auto-tuning facility that allows users to turn up the system performance by using the Turbo Key II. Soon as the Turbo Key II is switched on, it activates intelligent optimization of the system to an extreme yet stable performance level.

ASUS has thrown in another goody for overclockers – a GPU Boost tool that allows instant overclocking of the GPU in real time. This means overclockers can increase their performance on the run. Even better is the ability of the GPU Boost to store and load overclocking profiles; so no more worrying about losing all the overclocking you have done.

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