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Asus Vanguard B85 Motherboard

Recently at OC3D, we’ve been impressed by the latest Haswell range, along with the many great options of Z87 motherboard to accompany them. The Z87 range has been great for the users who love to get the most out of their systems by fiddling with clocks on their ‘K’ series processors. This generally means large amounts of money needing to be spent on a high end motherboard, the i5/i7 unlocked processor itself, and also a lot of cooling to make it all worthwhile. But for the users who are looking to build a high performing rig on a budget, and don’t have the patience to work on overclocks, the B85, H81 and H87 ranges offer a great alternative for a far lower overall cost than a Z87 system.

Today, Rushkit looks at the Asus B85 Vanguard; a motherboard that’s packed with features, looks and performance of the more expensive Z87 range, just without the overclocking abilities, and all for a much lower price!




Asus Vanguard B85 Motherboard 



For those who pride on pushing their systems to the limit, the Asus B85 Vanguard probably isn’t for you. However, in order to be doing that, you’d need to be buying a Z87 motherboard, and for a decent one, you’d be looking to be spending in the region of £150. The Asus B85 Vanguard comes in at just over £70 which we think is incredible value for what you’re getting.

The Vanguard can support all of the 1150 processors, from the dual core Pentium G3220, to the octa-threaded 4770k. If you’re spending £75 on a motherboard, we think you should be coupling it with one of the Haswell i3s or i5s. The i3 4340 or the i5 4440,  would be perfectly suited to run a medium/high end gaming rig when matched with a graphics card such as a GTX760, or an R9 270X. Some users may wish to use this with an i7 instead, in order to have a high end, low cost workstation, suitable for gaming and also any video rendering or design work. The Asus B85 Vanguard is a perfect motherboard for any of these choices.

Along with this, the Vanguard boasts tons of high end features, such as PCIE3.0 for great performance with modern graphics cards. This board also comes with extremely high end components which pass every reliability test Asus could throw at it, which is fantastic to see in a board of this price. We think it’s great to see manufacturers go the extra mile to give their lower end products the same high end components that they put on their top of the range boards. This adds extra peace of mind for the target market of users who just want to build the system, and have done with it, without the worry of something inside going wrong.

Overall, the Asus Vanguard B85 looks incredibly promising for the price. Asus have put a lot of effort into making this not only perform very well, but have loads of features on board, and look awesome too!

Thanks to Asus for the Vangaurd RKJ for the video and James Riley for the article, discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums