ATI 5870 Shows Up Early Page: 1
5870 is early
Radeon HD 5870 Pricing LeakWe all know that ATI are planning the release of their new 5800 series of graphics cards, firstly with the Radeon HD 5850 and 5870. Many images and specifications have been released over the past few weeks, as the official launch date of September 23rd grew closer. Pricing still remained a speculation, although European retailer was here to help with a product listing of a Sapphire 5870 1GB card, 6 days earlier than they should have.
The page has now been removed, but the evidence remains, €319.99, roughly £285, for the high end card in a new range is a very good price. Whether or not this price reflects the lack of competition from Nvidia or not is a mystery, but as usual, expect major price drops in the next few weeks.
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