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Hemlock Spotted
ATI's 5870x2 Hemlock PicturedJust about everybody knows that ATI plan to add a dual GPU solution to their 5800 series of graphics cards in the coming months, topping the current 5870 in terms of performance. What we weren't expecting was images of this card to appear so soon after the 5870 release, I suppose ATI want to show that everything is on track for their release around the same time as Nvidia's DirectX11 cards, around November time.
It comprises of two 40nm RV870 'Cypress', dual 256-bit memory interface and 3200 stream processors, clock speeds are not yet known, they could be less than the 5870's due to a higher TDP. The power for this beast is provided by a 6pin and an 8pin power connector, obviously hinting at high power draw, like the previous flagship dual GPU solution - the 4870x2. Lets hope that this 40nm card runs somewhat cooler, and hopefully a bit quieter this time!

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ATI's 5870x2 Hemlock Pictured