ATI Announces the Release of FireGLT Workstation Graphics Accelerators Page: 1
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ATI has just announced the release of their newest line of workstation graphics cards: the FireGLT series. These cards range from the high-end 1GB cards down to the much lower 128MB model. The lineup starts from the FireGL V3300 & V3400 (entry-level, 128MB), goes to the V5200 (middle-end, 256MB, 256-bit), up to the V7200 (high-end, 256MB, 512-bit), and finally to the V7300 & V7350 (top-end, 512MB, 1GB respectively) models. These new cards will feature a 10-bit display pipeline, High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities, and Dual DVI Outputs. These cards are already shipping to companies such as Alienware, Monarch Computers, Polywell, and Voodoo. ATI's Press Release

It has also been announced that ATI's FireGL series will be powering HP's mobile and desktop workstations. Their xw6400 & xw8400 workstations will feature FireGL V3300 & V7200 respectively while the nw8440 mobile workstation will contain ATI's Mobility FireGL V5200 GPU. ATI's Press Release

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