ATI brings back the All-In-Wonder(AIW) Page: 1
AMD resurrect's the All-In-Wonder ATI AIW
The All-in-Wonder (AIW) is a combination graphics card/TV tuner card, based on a Radeon chipset with extra features incorporated onto the board. Typically, AIW cards run at lower clock speeds than their conventional counterparts to reduce heat and power consumption, making them perfect for HTPC duties. In recent times ATI hasn't released an AIW card, but that's about to change with the release of the 4800 series GPU.
According to AMD's product page, the ATI All-in-Wonder™ HD is based on a 55nm fabrication process; utilises a PCI Express 2.0 x16 bus interface and 120 stream processing units.
AMD's Press Release states that the ATI All-in-Wonder™ HD will be available in North America by late July, so those looking to get their hands on one in Europe may have a short wait.
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