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ATi Have Long Been Critised for their somewhat lacklustre Linux support but since their buy out by AMD the pastures are being spray painted green (with an abundance of paint).

To add to the recent (and momentous) disclosure of ATi specfications which facilitate improved open source driver development (specifically this is of assistance to the RadeonHD project) the official ATi closed Binary Drivers have been given an overhaul.

Today ATi have let their latest (and much anticipated) 8.42 FGLRX driver loose, bringing with it AIGLX support and well as much improved graphics performance and quality.

Now the favoured 3d X compositing system AIGLX can be used on Ati Hardware as means of support for the eye candy instigator Compiz-Fusion

This Driver release represents a milestone for ATi and Linux , even if the furture of ATi Linux support does reside with the new opensource RadeonHD driver

ATi dont have proper navigation to this driver but you can download it from here |HERE|