ATI Makes False Claims on HDCP Support Page: 1
Last week Firing Squad published an article about the current state of HDCP support in graphics cards. The article touched on several topics, such as what is HDCP, what cards currently shipping supported HDCP, and why were cards being advertised as being HDCP ready, were in actually not ready at all. This was the case for every manufacturer, regardless of ATI and NVIDIA GPUs.

Most of ATI's recent retail products are currently shipping with advertisements claiming that the products are HDCP-ready. On ATI's website, the term HDCP-ready was also used, for example on the X1900 series specifications page. Curiously, ATI's professional products such as FireGL list "HDCP-compliant".

After numerous emails and contact attempts by respected sites and users what happens ? Ati silently removes any references to HDCP-ready on its consumer products. But obviously that doesn’t stop all the other online stores who copy & paste product descriptions from Ati’s very own product page. So how are they gonna get rid off them god knows.