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ATI plan the 5700 series later on in the year
ATI Radeon HD5870 Eyefinity editionThings are finally making sense, a few weeks ago, the first rumours began to appear about the next generation of ATI graphics cards. Now, we are getting some rock solid specifications and images. Juniper was at first rumoured to be the high end offering (likely the 5850 or 5870) although it has now surfaced that this will be a lower end offering in the form of the 5750 and 5770. These cards will launch in October, after the 5850 and 5870 are released a few weeks prior, with the 5870x2 coming some time in November. The 5870 will carry the standard dual 6pin power connectors to provide it's power, and will be the flagship card until the dual GPU 5870x2 launches 2 months later.
ATI Radeon HD5870 Eyefinity edition
It is set to be priced at £250, with the lower 5850 at £200 and the 5870x2 at £300. You may remember we reported ATI's eyefinity technology, which allows a single GPU to power up to 6 monitors at once, with a maximum resolution of 7680x3200, being recognised as a single monitor. Well, we also have some pictures of what has been dubbed the 5870 Six or the 5870 Eyefinity edition. It provides the connectivity for the 6 monitors via it's 6 mini DVI ports on the rear of the card, as you can see in the images. This model will feature 2GB of RAM, and will cost slightly more for the privilege of 6 outputs.
Also planned to launch around the same time is the mobile range of Radeon parts, including the 5800 for high end, 5700 for the performance sector, 5600 for mainstream and the 5400 for the entry level market.
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