ATI Radeon HD5890 Coming Too? Page: 1
Radeon HD5890!?
Rumour has it that shortly after the release of ATI's first two DirectX 11 graphics cards - the 5850 and the 5870 this week, there will be another release soon after. The 5890 is set to be released inbetween the release of the 5870 and the 5870x2 a few weeks later, it is also said to perform somewhere in between those two cards too, judging by past and present naming schemes.
If the rumours are true then this will become ATI's fastest single RV800 GPU card, faster than the 5870 we have already seen early figures from, this could be an absoloute beast of a car! Something for all of you out there with deep wallets, Crossfire anybody? We still haven't seen anything at all from Nvidia though, which is slightly worrying!
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