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New Catalyst 6.7 for Windows and Linux has been officially released. the Catalyst 6.7 driver package yesterday.
The new Catalyst 6.7 drivers carry enhanced CrossFire support which allows users to manually force alternate frame rendering modes in Direct3D apps.
This should, in theory, improve performance in Direct3D applications that lack proper CrossFire profiles. However, ATI warns forcing alternate frame rendering will not work with applications with known compatibility issues.
A great deal of issues were also resolved with Cat 6.7, including a couple issues with Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Quake 4.

ATI’s Catalyst 6.7 software package is available for:
*Windows XP
*Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
*Windows XP Professional x64
*Linux (32 + 64 bit)
New features for ATI’s Catalyst 6.7 Linux Edition include 7.1 support and Fedora Core package support. TV-out still doesn’t work on X1000-series products according to the release notes.

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