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ATI Release HD 5800 Real-Time DX11 Graphics Demos
ATI's Ladybug demoIt looks like ATI are at it again with more technology to make us salivate, this time it’s software though. They’ve just released Mecha and Ladybug, their latest real-time graphics demos for the HD 5800 series GPU’s, requiring Windows 7 and DirectX 11 as a minimum.
Technical demos like these are a great way for manufacturers to show off their latest toys, but they’re also great for us, the end users, enthusiasts and gamers. A lot of the features demonstrated in these demos will eventually find their way into games, so these demos give us a look into the future so to speak.
Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to obtain a HD 5800 series card for quite a while, so I can’t comment on what the demos are like in action. Luckily, knowing that not everybody will have a 5800, ATI have uploaded 720p HD videos of the demos so that we can see what we’re missing out on.
Mecha is a futuristic demo of a walking robot, showing off advanced semi-transparency and rendering, with some pretty nifty physics and lighting too. My favourite video of the two though is definitely the Ladybug demo.
Quoted straight from ATI’s site, “The Ladybug demo shows the results of a new approach to simulating lens-accurate depth-of-field effects based on real-world parameters of focal length and focus distance.” If you’re not a photographic guru, basically this involves is altering the area of the image which is in focus, as a way of subtly drawing your attention to that particular part of the image. This means one step closer to the Holy Grail, photo-realistic gaming!
You can check out the demos for yourself on ATI's site here.
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