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Powercolor X1900GT

News from 05/05

ATI have released their X1900GT series of cards.

The cards look set to challenge nvidia's mid-high range lineup with impressive clock speeds and superior AI.

ATI's Vijay Sharma said:

"The Radeon X1900GT is a fantastic gaming card for the money, plain and simple."

Coming in at SRP of $299 the cards is priced to compete with nvidia's 7900GT.

Vital Stats:

Core Clock: 575MHz

Memory Clock: 600MHz

GDDR3 onboard: 256MB

Single Slot Cooler

Powercolor Announce Launch of X1900GT

We have recieved news from one of ATI's partners: Powercolor. They will be releasing their product at launch and say that the cards were available from 05/05/2006.

Powercolor Stats


Powercolor say:

"The monstrous graphic card for price-conscious gaming enthusiasts"

The X1900GT is looking good for the battle with nvidia. At the time of writing I could not find the cards available for sale in the UK at the time of writing.

Visit Powercolor's site for more information

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