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ATI's latest GPU finally shown
ATI Juniper GPU CoolerAs I am sure we all know, DirectX 11 is approaching and that means one thing - new cards from Nvidia and ATI. Today we have been lucky enough to get hold of some photographs taken by a very lucky Chinese photographer. The three images reveal quite alot about the card, which seems to be based heavily on the Radeon HD 4770. This new card is alot shorter than previous cards which suggests this is either a low end model or a more efficent design.
Based on the succesor to the 40nm RV740 GPU, the RV840 "Juniper" should run cool, which would explain the smaller vent on the rear of the card. Whilst we're talking about the rear, this features a very nice number of outputs, dual DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort!
ATI Juniper GPU Display PortsThe PCB is black, as is the cooler, and has memory chips on the front and back, which is presumably GDDR5. The only other thing we can see is that the card draws it's power from a single 6 pin power connector, backing up the idea it could be a mid range card.
No idea on performance yet, but we can expect plenty more information to come before September the 10th, when AMD expects to unveil it's next generation "Evergreen" family of DirectX 11 GPUs.
ATI Juniper GPU Rear
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