ATI's 'Juniper' Coming In 2 Weeks Page: 1
Radeon 5700 Coming Soon
ATI launched their Radeon HD 5800 series last week, despite limited availability all around the world, it has gone down a treat with users and online communities. Now they plan to release the next cards in their Evergreen series - codenamed 'Juniper', the Radeon HD 5700 series. The two cards are the 5770 and 5750, the mainstream offerings, codenamed Juniper XT and Juniper LE respectively.
The exact specifications aren't yet known, although we can confirm the cards will be based on the 40nm GPU, have a 128bit wide memory bus and sport, the what is now becoming standard, 1GB of GDDR5 memory. As with the 5800 cards, they will support DirectX 11, ATI Stream, UVD 2 and ATI's own eyefinity software. The 5700 series is expected to be up to 1.6 times faster than the 4770, whilst being upto 180% faster than a single card in a crossfire configuration, almost reaching 5800 performance levels.
Also rumoured to be coming in the coming weeks, alongside the 5870x2, is another Hemlock card - the 5850x2, although there isn't much information on that yet.
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