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ATI's Newest AIB Partner: Gainward
While Nvidia seems to have dominated the graphics card market the past several months, ATI has proven that they still have it in them. Aimed at the mid-range level, the 4800 series of cards have vastly impressed not only users, but manufacturers as well.
Sources have indicated that long-time Nvidia-exclusive manufacturer Gainward will have that attribute no more. They will soon be pushing out ATI GPU-based cards, starting with the 4800 series and then expanding later with the 3800 series.
With ATI's recent success of the 4800 series, there have been cries for the likes of XFX to join ATI's camp. This move by Gainward shows that it is possible.
Will the 4800 series be able to sway more Nvidia-only companies into jumping into ATI's boat?
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