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ATI to Replace HD 4830 card with HD 4770
ATI's leaked graphics card roadmap for 2009A leaked ATI roadmap shows that the graphics card manufacturer will be retiring its Radeon HD 4830 card later this year and replacing it with an all-new HD 4770. The roadmap, shown in the image, has been put online by Expreview.
The brief graphics-card roadmap shows that the all-new Radeon HD 4770 will be priced at $99. The Radeon HD 4870 X2, currently ATI’s fastest card, will continue to remain so. The year will also see the HD 4890 become available at a price below $260.
Looking at the roadmap, it seems that ATI plans on positioning the card between its HD 4830 and the HD 4850 cards. If the new graphics card is based on the same core as the Radeon HD 4830 but has ramped up clocks through a GDDR5, an asking price of $99 makes it a decently priced card.
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