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55nm R680, RV660/670, RV635 & RV620 In Q4 2007

According to our source, AMD's latest roadmap hints at all next-generation GPU's being based upon a 55nm process.

all next generation GPUs will be 55nm based even for the highest end GPU supporting DX10 Unified Shaders, Crossfire, HDMI, HDCP, UVD and PCI Express 2.0. R680 will be the successor to R600 for the enthusiast segment slated for launch in end of Q4 and mass production in Jan 2008. There will be UVD for R680 this time round. There is a new performance segment with RV660/670 while RV635 will succeed RV630 for the mainstream segment and RV620 to succeed RV610 in the value segment. They are slated for sampling in Sept while mass production in Jan '08.


One initial question pops into mind though...why the weird node size?

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