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August Xbox 360 Price Drops

Microsoft, it seems, has decided to respond further to the PS3's pricecut with drops in the price of both the Xbox 360's HD DVD Player and the console itself.

Effective the 1st of August, the cost of the 360's add-on HD DVD Player will drop from a retail of $199 to $179. In addition to this, any purchases made between August and September 30th will qualify the purchaser to receive 5 free HD DVD movies. With this cut, Microsoft is trying to remain the most affordable option for HD content.

Update: It seems that Europe may not see a similar price cut for the HD DVD Player add-on.
"We currently have no announcements to make at this stage regarding a price cut of the Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive for the UK," a spokesperson for Microsoft told Eurogamer .

In addition to this, it has been reported by a retail source that Microsoft is planning to initiate a $50 price reduction on the 360 console itself a week later. Microsoft gave the customary response to an outside report, saying, "We have no announcements to make on pricing at this time. While price matters, content is king. And no other system is offering all the games people want to play this holiday at a better price than Xbox 360."

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