Auzentech Releases X-Fi Bravura Sound Card Page: 1

When Auzentech released their first PCI-Express sound card, the low-profile X-Fi Forte, some wondered when they would create a full-size card.  Well now that time has come.  Auzentech has announced the release of the X-Fi Bravura.  Aimed at audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts who also want to have a top-notch gaming experience, the Bravura utilizes Creative's X-Fi processing chip to provide high-quality music, movie, and game sound output.

Like the Forte, the Bravura caters to audiophiles with a built-in headphone amplifier to help users get every ounce of detail out of their cans.  This amp has its own independent circuit, routing to a DAC, OPAMP, and film capacitors separate from the rest.

The Bravura was designed with the utmost efficiency and performance in mind.  Auzentech's X-Balance Pointing Ground power design ensures audio is delivered free from outside power supply noise.  They have also seen fit to place the digital and analog circuity on opposite sides of the board to allow greater signal differentiation.

Key Features

* Creative X-Fi native PCI Express audio processor
* Supports 7.1 channel playback up to 24-bit/96kHz for speaker outputs
* Supports stereo playback up to 24-bit/192kHz with 120dB DAC for Headphone output
* All output OPAMPs (x5) are replaceable by the end-user
* Exclusive Hi-Fi headphone amplifier supports professional headphones with 1/4" phone jack
* Stereo/Balanced mode microphone pre-amplifier supports professional microphones
* Premium quality audio parts
* I/O Mode Control, Pointing Ground Design™, X-Balance Power Generation System™ (described below)
* Optical/Coaxial combo connector for S/PDIF output
* Intel® HD Audio 10-1 pin front panel connector
* DTS Connect™ for Windows® 7 and Vista via driver download (end of February)




For more info, check out the Bravura product page here.