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Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review  


The memory market is, after CPUs, possibly the hardest market to break into. Anyone who has owned a PC from a few generations ago will know that the brand of memory you chose had a large bearing upon the stability of your system. Compatibility between motherboards and RAM was vital, to the point that companies released lists of which particular motherboards worked best with each type of memory.

Thankfully with the recent Intel chipsets these compatibility is far less of an issue, and although some memory still has a list of those motherboards it works best with, by and large you can put anything in anything and be sure that it will work at its rated timings and speed.

Today we're taking a look at a memory kit from a new brand to OC3D, Avexir. Formed in 2006 they blend good performance memory with reasonable pricing. This kit is designed to work best with the MSI Z77 MPOWER motherboard, hence the designation.

Technical Specifications

8GB of 2400MHz, CAS10 RAM covers all of the bases straight away. A decent capacity, excellent speed, and reasonable timings. As you can see from the image at the top of the page, speed and capacity aren't the only tricks the Avexir has up its sleeve.

SeriesMPOWER Series
Type240-pin DDR3
Capacity8GB (2x4GB)
SpeedPC3 19200
Multi-channelDual Channel
Heat SpreaderYes
WarrantyLimited Lifetime


Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review Page: 2

Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review

Up Close

Memory kits are usually the least interesting thing we show you on this page. After all, it's a stick, and most heat-spreaders are fairly interchangeable. It's nice to see that the Avexir kit has a couple of nice touches though.

Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review     Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review  

Most obviously is the yellow and black colour scheme, designed to match the MSI motherboard. So many memory kits are blue, red or black that we are glad to see something going down a different route, and anyone with a MPOWER or even Zotac motherboard will enjoy having a kit that blends into their mobo. The sticks come with plastic protectors for the ever delicate fingers. It's those small touches that really make the difference, especially in such a crowded market as RAM.

Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review     Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review  

The big party piece though is the blue LEDs across the top. If you remember how much we loved the Corsair Dominator for its looks, this is just as eye-catching at a fraction of the price. The blue lighting has a breathing effect and is tremendously bright. 

Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review     Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review  

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Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review

Test Setup

8GB Avexir MPOWER Core Series 2400MHz RAM
Intel Core-i7 3770K @ 4GHz
Thermalright Silver Arror
MSI HD7950
Corsair F80 SSD
Cougar CM1000
Windows 7 64 Bit


Despite being rated at CAS10, the XMP profile for the Avexir set it to 11-14-14-30-2T. Worth noting if you're a "fire and forget" type of user. Manually set the timings and the kit works without a hitch.

Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review     Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review  

Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review Page: 4

Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review


Performance certainly isn't lacking. In AIDA64 we get the highest read and copy speeds we've yet seen, and the write speed is just a fraction below the 2666MHz Kingston Predator. Even the latency is nice and low. Hugely impressive start from the Avexir.



Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review Page: 5

Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review

SiSoft Sandra

In Sandra the Avexir continues its excellent performance, giving us the second highest memory we've seen, and repeating that feat in the combined CPU and memory bandwidth test. When it comes to raw speed it's a very impressive set of figures. Time to find out if it keeps this performance up in real-world tests.



Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review Page: 6

Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review

CineBench R11.5

Considering that the Kingston Predator is 2666MHz it's no surprise to see it topping the graph, but we're impressed by how close the Avexir MPOWER Core Series got to it. It's the best of the 2400MHz kits we've yet tested. 



In wPrime we have a couple of different results. For the quick 32M place test is fourth out of the five RAM kits we've tested on the i7-3770K. However, moving to the 1024M test it is, albeit just, the fastest kit we've tested. So far, so stunning. 


Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review Page: 7

Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review

PC Mark Vantage

Finally with PC Mark Vantage the Avexir continues its great run, with the CPU Image Manipulation test being nearly inseparable and only a couple of percent off the highest scores in the video transcoding test.


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Avexir MPOWER 2400MHz 8GB Review


It is impossible not to come away from the Avexir MPOWER Core Edition 2400MHz kit and not be blown away by it.

The performance is exceptional. Whether we were running the synthetic benchmarks that just test the pure bandwidth available, or whether running actual tests that push the system hard, the Avexir performed admirably. With CAS10 2400MHz timings you'd expect it to have a certain amount of get up and go. However, even when compared to the brilliant Kingston Predator which is 266MHz faster, the Avexir continually stands at, or very close to, the top of our performance graphs.

It's not all about sheer grunt though. We know that many people like the standard two colour choices of red or blue, but to a certain degree that's forced upon us because so few items of hardware are any other colour. Barring manually respraying everything, or having a rig that looks like an explosion in a Skittles factory, you're forced to pick one of those two options if you want a system with an all-encompassing colour scheme.

By aiming their memory at the MSI MPOWER Z77 motherboard the Avexir comes in yellow and black, which makes a nice change. We think the MPOWER is probably the best all-around motherboard available, especially at the price, so we're sure it's found its way into many systems. Even if you have gone with a Zotac motherboard the Avexir will fit the colour scheme.  However, if you have chosen another vendor for your system underpinnings then the Avexir still blends in thanks to the mostly black heatspreader and, when the system is turned on, those blazing blue LEDs.

It's got the looks, the performance and, with a £70 price tag, provides great value for money too. The only reason not to strongly consider the Avexir kit is if you have an aversion to bright blue lighting, and for that reason we're delighted to award it our OC3D Gold Award. Brilliant.

By the way, if you don't like the blue lighting, by clicking the Avexir Direct link on their website you have the option to configure your RAM sticks exactly as you wish, from coloured LEDs, heatspreader design, timings, capacity and even etch your name on it, should you so desire. Worth a look if you must have a kit that perfectly matches your system.


Thanks to Avexir for supplying the MPOWER Memory Kit for review. Discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.