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Battlefield 2142 Patch Version 1.50
After some rather alarming News that BattleField 2142 has yet to have it's "final" patch, Dice have released what the new 1.50 patch will consist of. The patch announcment has come as a surprise to all 2142 players as the older 1.40 patch was said to be the "final" version of the game also adding Highway Tempa map for play. Version 1.50 will include some interesting additions to the game, also adding a new map and a few bug fixes. Details below:
Patch Release 1.50:
* New Map - Wake Island 2142 by The Sir. Community
* Wake Island 2142 has some sort of conquest mode "twist."
* New “No Vehicles” option for a variety of 2142 maps.
* New map - Operation Shingle (aka Anzio) by Jason Brice.
* Finally Widescreen 16:9 and 16:10 support (No word if they will offer native 1280x1024 support yet).
* More movement in pods – This will be mainly targeted on transport ship escape pods to give that ability back, while still limiting pod surfing use elsewhere.
* Additional bug fixes to address reported a variety of reported issues.
* Public beta should start at the end of April.
* Final release targeted for the end of May.


This will be a very long awaited update to one of the best PC multiplayer games. Widescreen support will be highly looked apone as you would have to force it in the older versions. Discuss the details of this patch on our Forums.