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be quiet! offering its high-quality power supplies for system builders  be quiet! PSU image
be quiet!, market leader for PC power supplies in Germany, is offering a new product range with high-quality power supplies for system builders. The new be quiet! System Power (S6) power supply series comprises models from every performance class from 300 to 700 watts.
The two smallest models, with 300 and 350 watts, respectively, are additionally available as budget-priced entry version for the European area (230V mains voltage). Even these two models offer enough power for many complete systems, since the specifications be quiet! lists are exclusively real wattage designations. The are also manufactured in accordance with the current ATX 2.2. standard and are especially comfortable for system installation as a result of their optimised cable equipment.
be quiet! makes use of exclusively high-quality components and its additional
300-700W power supply models all fulfil the well-known “80plus” degree of efficiency standard. Thanks to their wide range of input voltages, all of the power supplies are also perfectly suited for international use (mains voltages from 100 to 240V are possible). The construction of efficient PC systems according to Energy Star 4.0 guidelines is possible with the entire series. Furthermore, the power supplies are equipped with an active PFC and work with two (300 through 450W versions) or four (550 and 700W versions)
separate 12V rails.
The new power supplies starting with the 450W model are equipped with PCI express connections and also have the prestigious “NVIDIA SLI Ready” certification. This makes them perfectly suited for use in systems with multiple graphics cards. In order to make sure things don't get too loud in the case, the be quiet! fan technology provides for an agreeable operating volume by means of thermo-controlled fans.
be quiet! provides a warranty for all power supplies in the System Power series. A 24-month manufacturer guaranty, risk-free for the respective system partners. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s hotline provides system builders and end customers with first-class partner support and service. The System Power series power supplies are supplied in sets of 10 (bulk packaging) together with electrical cable.
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