Beijing 2008 Goes Hi-Tech Page: 1

Summer Olympics Gain Massive Online Exposure

With unprecedented online exposure, the 2008 Olypics have kicked off in style.

Live Search Olympics NewsMicrosoft's Live Search has added many new features to keep you up to speed with all the latest news from Beijing:

Google Mobile Olympic resultsGoogle have also introduced some new features for the games, one of them being updates to mobile phones. If you search for any of the olympic sports on your mobile, it will bring up a timetable of events and  results for that sport in addition to the usual results. This feature works in 35 languages. When results start to come in, mobile searches for things like "swimming medals" and "French medal count" will bring up relevant Olympic data.
The features on Google's regular browser search are alot more extensive and Yahoo are offering similar services.
Good luck to all teams present and we hope you all enjoy the 2008 Olympic Games!
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