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Powerline adaptors recalledPowerline Adaptors recalled

Belkin have issued a press release today, in which they detail a European recall on some Powerline networking adaptors, after finding that some of the units fail to meet certain EU standards and could pose a risk of electric shock to the user. More information can be found below, and on the Belkin Support webpages:

(Rushden, UK) – 24th March 2009 – Belkin International, Inc. today initiated a product recall of its Powerline Starter Kit (F5D4073), Powerline AV Starter Kit (F5D4074) and single Powerline Networking Adaptors (F5D4073S and F5D4074S) in Europe.

Belkin has identified that a very small number of these units do not meet the European Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC and the relevant European Standard 60950-1. This means that the affected units pose a potential risk of electric shock to the user, because they fail to meet the electric strength test for a voltage of 3000 V, the standard in Europe.

Belkin has conducted extensive tests of units from the affected stock and believes that there is a minimal risk that the affected Powerline products would pose any danger to users. Belkin stresses that it has not received any information about injury or damage as a result of malfunction of these Powerline devices. However, in order to completely reassure customers, Belkin is erring on the side of caution and, thus, is voluntarily recalling all affected units with immediate effect.

The affected Powerline units were sold into the European market between October 2008 and February 2009, with the majority of units sold to customers in Germany and the Benelux region.

Belkin will be removing the non-compliant products from stores in the following regions:
• Germany
• The Benelux region
• United Kingdom
• Nordics
• Italy
• France
• Czech Republic
• Slovakia
• Spain

Belkin will be working with the relevant regulatory authorities in these countries to guarantee that this recall process is carried out appropriately and effectively.

• Customers can verify their Powerline products by entering the serial number of their adaptor here:
• Should the unit be affected, customers can exchange their unit for a compliant one at no cost to the customer. Learn more here:

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