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BFG have announced two new watercooled cards.
BFG GTX295 H20CAs I am sure we all know, BFG are a partner of nVidia and are renound for producing quality overclocked graphics cards. Now, with watercooling becoming increasingly popular we have seen many self contained CPU watercooling kits over the fast few months, but nothing at all for the graphics cards.
Over the last two years or so, BFG have began to sell some of their cards with pre fitted water blocks, and considering they are fitted for you and still covered under the usual lifetime warranty, the extra money is certainly worth it for the user that isn't so confident or knowledgable when it comes to installing and maintaining a watercooling system. However, as the cards only come with the waterblock fitted and nothing else, there are still many potential risks for the user.
This is where it changes. BFG have teamed up with CoolIT Systems to bring you not one, but two pre-overclocked, pre-watercooled, maintenance free graphics cards, namely the GTX285 H2O+  and the GTX295 H2OC.
BFG promises "all of the benefits of a liquid cooled graphics card without the hassle of refilling and maintaining a separate water pump". Both cards feature a custom water block and a built in pump, radiator and fan, which never need refilling. They also state that the system has 3 different speed settings, Auto, Quiet and Maximum, for maximum control over acoustics and performance. They have stated that the block is that effective that it is up to 30°c cooler under load when compared to the stock cooler.
The BFG GTX285 H2OC (left) and GTX295 H2OC (right) both feature nice shrouds which are a welcome break from the typical game character or plain shrouds upon most cards.
Not only do the cards look good, but they also perform better than their standard air cooled counterparts too. The GTX295 H2OC is clocked at 675MHz, 1458MHz and 2214MHz compared to the default clocks of 576Mhz, 1242MHz and 1998MHz on the core, shader and memory respectively. The GTX285 H2O+ also receives a nice performance boost too, boasting a 691Mhz, 1566MHz and 2592MHz over the stock 648MHz, 1476MHz and 2484MHz on the core, shader and memory again. Both cards do keep their stock memory of 1792MB and 1024MB respectively too.
BFG GTX285 H2O+ in a system
It isn't all as good as it sounds so far though, the radiator and fan combo is intended to be mounted on the 120mm exhaust in most cases, but as you can see below, it doesn't allow you to use a tower cooler, as it barely leave enough room for the stock cooler to be fitted. This can be solved by mounting it elsewhere obviously, but it could cause problems for some users.
There is no set information yet on pricing, but I wouldn't expect them to be cheap! BFG says the GTX295 will be available in limited quantities on the 5th of August, followed by the GTX285 on the 12th of August.
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