BFG Geforce 9800GTX+ Runs Fast! Page: 1
BFG Geforce 9800GTX+ Runs Fast! 
BFG has introduced it's newest addition to Nvidia's 9 series of graphic cards, the Geforce 9800GTX+ OC. This blisteringly fast 9800 has a factory overclocked 55nm core running at 780Mhz, the OC version of the GTX+ will support everything of the original GTX+ version.
The overclock isn't too bad as the normal clock for this card is 738Mhz. The 512 of DDR3 memory has been boosted from stock speeds of 2,200Mhz to 2,250Mhz and the Shader Clock has been clocked from 1,836Mhz to 1,890MHz. The card is going to be using the same reference cooling as the stock 9800GTX+, we hope this will keep the heat to a minimum.
The BFG OC version of the GTX+ is already listed on a EU site called, the listing can be found here.
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