BFG offer EU Rebate on Nvidia 260 & 280 Page: 1

Early buyers eligible for rebate

BFG have announced that due to the drastic market price cuts on the Nvidia GTX 260 & 280, they are going to be offering a rebate to European buyers, who bought their card between June 16 and July 16, 2008. From the BFG website:

BFG offer Nvidia 260 & 280 rebates"Due to recent price drops in the market on the GeForce GTX series graphics cards, BFG is pleased to offer European customers up to $120 USD (based on the model and price paid), who have purchased a BFG GTX 280 or 260 graphics card between June 16 and July 16, 2008.

Customers must register their product within 30 calendar days of the purchase date to be eligible for this rebate. For example; if you bought a BFG GTX 260 on July 16, 2008, you must register the card on or before August 15, 2008 (30 days from July 16) to qualify for this rebate­­­­

You must submit your information to BFG using the form below by August 20, 2008 to see if you qualify

After you submit your information, we'll verify your registration and proof of purchase and provide you further details

Rebate monies for European customers will be converted from U.S. Dollars (USD) into the currency of the customer’s country. Due to exchange rates at the time of processing, these amounts may vary"

Visit BFG's rebate page here, to find out more.
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