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BioShock for PS3
It's been a year since 2K Games released BioShock for PC and XBOX 360, and although it was announced that the game would be ported over to the Playstation 3 console, it has been a long time coming. However, PS3 fans can now rejoice because BioShock is coming to PS3 and it will be available in the US on the 21st of October, and globally on the 24th of October.
The PS3 version of BioShock will come with some extra content not featured in the XBOX 360 game. There's a new "Survivor" difficulty level, Trophies support, and exclusive Challenge Rooms that will be released as downloadable content shortly after the game's launch. Each of these rooms is a new, stand-alone area separate from the main storyline, and features an environmental puzzle you have to complete.
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