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Author: PV5150
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An official community Q&A for BioShock, the eagerly-anticipated sci-fi horror first person shooter from Irrational Games, has revealed that the game will not have a multiplayer component . 2K Games Community Manager Elizabeth Tobey confirmed that there will be no multiplayer elements and explained that there was a specific reason behind the decision.

"BioShock features a compelling storyline that revolves around the experiences of one man as he enters the decaying world of Rapture.

"Having a multiplayer component would have compromised the story we were trying to tell so we made the decision to keep this game as a single player experience," she added.

While there is no multiplayer in BioShock, Tobey did indicate that the game would have an online component of some description. With the lack of multiplayer though, this probably means there may be a storyline add-on for the single player game.

Irrational is primarily developing the game for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, with the PC version being a port. Tobey added that while this is the case, there's an in-house team dedicated to optimising both the interface and gameplay mechanics in order to meet PC gamer's expectations.

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Has this decision by Irrational tarnished your desire for the game, or do you think that it's really not the kind of game to benefit from online multiplayer anyway?

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