Biostar V-Ranger Assists 8600GTS Gain Highest 3DMark06 In Class Page: 1
Biostar V-Ranger Assists 8600GTS Gain Highest 3DMark06 In Class

With the help of Biostars overclocking tool V-Ranger CornerJack, a French overclocker, was able to reach 1023MHz core and 2320MHz memory. This enabled to take the crown as the fastest 8600GTS.

8600gts WR

V-Ranger first showed up in December 06 on the 7600 GS. What exactly is V-Ranger I hear you ask? It is an overclocking software tool that unlike any other allows voltage mods to be made 'on the fly'.

Here is some more information:
V-Ranger is revolutionary software for optimizing the best voltage, frequency and temperature values of each individual card. V-Ranger stands for Voltage Ranger, which is the first VGA based dynamic voltage regulation in the world. V-Ranger makes the concept of “power-on-demand” a reality. The user gets into its hands a powerful tool that can dynamically control the voltage of GPU and memory to achieve either the best overclocking results of the GPU or the lowest power consumption and temperature value of the card than before.

If someone would just work out a way to hack existing cards to allow voltage regulation, we could all enjoy some serious overclocks.

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