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BitFenix Collosus Case Preview

BitFenix Colossus

BitFenix might not be a name that readily trips off the tongue of your average PC Hardware enthusiast, but the people behind the name have created a variety of products for other companies that are legendary, following their stint with Cooler Master.

Their first major product product release is the highly anticipated full E-ATX chassis, the Colossus. It has been designed from the ground up to be specifically for the enthusiast and gamer. Many manufacturers are limited to extending a previous design style, so this blank sheet of paper ensures everything needed should be in place.

David Jarlestedt, BitFenix Product Manager;

"With Colossus, we focused on how gamers and PC enthusiasts were interacting with their computers on a daily basis, and crafted a PC chassis that actually helps to enhance their computing experience. What we've been able to do is create a case that not only looks striking, but delivers novel features that truly benefit the user in terms of security, control,
and performance."

BitFenix Collosus Case Preview     BitFenix Collosus Case Preview

Available in either Monolith Black or Glacier white, to cover both the old-school and modern crowds, the case is primarily designed to have clean lines. It's coated with BitFenix SofTouch™ which promises the hard-wearing coating we demand for daily use, along with a nice tactile feel.

As you can see from the pictures, the LED lighting can be either blue or red depending on your preference and it's switchable at the touch of a button. The lighting is also variable by being either on, pulse or off. So for those stealthy moments you can turn it off, or if you really want to be flash you can have the breathing LEDs that are all the rage at the moment. BitFenix certainly have got you covered in the control department.

BitFenix Collosus Case Preview     BitFenix Collosus Case Preview

It's not just about the looks though, flip over to the next page for the plethora of features available on the BitFenix Colossus.

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BitFenix Collosus Case Preview

Colossus Features

The top of the case has the BitFenix S3™, which is a storage compartment to enable you to keep your mice, drives, phone etc safe whilst you're away from your desk or LAN slot. Inside this compartment is also two USB 3.0 ports.

Also amongst the control that BitFenix give you with the Colossus is an included PWM fan controller, enabling full control over your fans without being limited to proprietary fans.

BitFenix Collosus Case Preview     BitFenix Collosus Case Preview 

Further enhancing the user experience and in keeping with the BitFenix desire to have every possible feature covered the Colossus is equipped with both internal and external cable management. As you can see the internals have many cable holes available to help keep the inside of your rig as clean as the outside. The front bezel has cable routing that stops the age old problem of optical drives being unable to open thanks to the various leads for peripherals etc., that end up trailing across the front of our systems.

BitFenix Collosus Case Preview     BitFenix Collosus Case Preview 

Expandability is a primary concern of modern system builders and those of us who home build. The Colossus has 8 PCI slots for the latest Quad-GPU E-ATX motherboards. Storage is catered for with room for seven 2.5" SSDs or seven 3.5" hard drives.

Cooling capacity is catered for with the ability to mount two 230mm fans, three 140mm or three 120mm fans, and all intakes and exhausts have dust filters.

Finally the motherboard tray has a large CPU cooler cutout to enable switching out the modern coolers that require their own backplate and an almost tool-free design.

To make sure that everything stays where its put BitFenix Lockdown™ is also included to maintain graphics card stability when transporting your system.

The Colossus should be available at the end of this month (August) at around £150. OC3D will have a review as soon as we get our sticky mitts on one.

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