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Blackshot: free-to-play FPS game
Software developers Outspark are preparing another title to add to their virtual playground entitled Blackspot. Blackspot will be a free-to-play FPS and promises intense multiplayer action that will appeal to gamers of all skill levels.
With the world in a state of chaos and powerful nations competing for money and resources, Blackshot players must take on the role of a mercenary and make a name for themselves in the game’s dangerous environments. Aspiring soldiers of fortune can enter the Blackshot war zone later this summer, when the game makes its worldwide debut.

“We’re thrilled to add an innovative, free-to-play FPS game to our lineup,” said Susan Choe, founder and CEO of Outspark. “Blackshot offers fast-paced action for casual gamers interested in a quick shootout, while hardcore players will love innovative features like the game’s player-versus-environment mode.”
Head to Outspark's website to view the cinematic trailer and sign up for the closed beta here
Look out for further details on Blackspot in the coming weeks
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