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Blu-ray could take years to overtake DVD

It's been reported that analysts say it could be years before Blu-ray truely replaces DVD. Steve Wilson, a consumer electronics analyst with ABI Research has said that "Blu-ray is too expensive and only limited movie titles are available in the format."

Many are more interested in seeing how cable, satellite and online video services play out. Also, while Sony might have killed off the the competition in HD-DVD, it is throttling the market by keeping the prices of the technology high.

While the number of titles is ever growing, with the studios that weren't on board now having no other choice due to the end of the format war with HD-DVD, it still doesn't seem to be enough to really kickstart the sales of Blu-ray.

Many people thought that consumers were waiting until the end of the Blu-ray VS HD-DVD situation before backing either technology and buying a player. This hasn't proved to be the case with sales of Blu-ray players not having dramatically increased to the extent some expected.
Adams Media Research said it could take two more years for Blu-ray sales to put the home video market back on a growth path.

Have you already bought a Blu-ray player? Or are you still perfectly happy with DVD?

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