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BlueTrack Better Than Expected Microsoft Blue Track mice
Microsoft announced a pair of mice, one for mobile users and one for normal home users, earlier this month bearing a new tracking technology called BlueTrack. The main feature of this new technology is its extreme versatility, being able to work on a wide variety of surfaces, including granite and marble.

"Microsoft's BlueTrack Technology works on more surfaces than both optical and laser mice. The large, blue beam and specular optics architecture, in conjunction with a Microsoft-designed image sensor and proprietary pixel geometry, generates a high-contrast picture of the mousing surface that allows exceptional tracking accuracy. The BlueTrack Technology light beam emanating from the bottom of the mouse is more than four times as large as the average laser beam used in today's mice, enabling reliable mouse tracking even on difficult surfaces such as carpet."

Expreview recently got to have some hands-on experience with Explorer Mini for mobile users and found that it was so versatile that it could even work on transparent glass. This news must come as a surprise to even Microsoft, as their product page explicitly states in an asterisk notation: "BlueTrack Technology does not work on clear glass or mirrored surfaces."

The Microsoft Explorer Mini wireless mouse will retail for about $79.

How would you like a mouse that works on just about any surface?

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