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BOLD Move From YOYOTech

From 26th March 2009, YOYOTech will be adding in huge extra value for its high-end customers, by bundling a FREE Blackberry BOLD with the ‘Fastest Machine the World Has Ever Seen’*.

“The kind of customers who want a system like Fi7EPOWER, also want to be constantly linked to the world. They have a voracious appetite for technology”, said CK, Managing Director of YOYOTech.

“Given that our in-store specialists are a friendly bunch and love chatting with customers, it quickly surfaced that one of their ‘niggles’ was the length of time it takes the mobile providers to offer new handsets”, explained CK. “Now YOYOTech is stepping in to help”.

YOYOTech will offer customers of its high-end, Core i7-based Fi7EPOWER MLK1610 systems a brand new Blackberry Bold, worth around £400 – absolutely free with every system shipped.

Offer has just gone live. For more information, visit

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