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Boxing Day Recipes

Good Morning Readers!

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas day with your friends and loved ones, eating and drinking till you dropped and received plenty of gifts!

However I'm sure that things aren't going as well as you hoped. More often than not, it is all too easy to forget about food for Boxing Day. Your cupboards are near empty, your fridge has been raided and even your freezer is looking pretty sorry too. Aside a few raw ingredients and perhaps some ready sauces, you're left with the increasing possibility of having to eat the remains of yesterday's Christmas dinner.

No doubt, reheated roasted potatoes, vegetables and turkey carcass aren't the finest culinary prospects. Thankfully we at Overclock3D have thrown together a couple of ideas to make something a little different out of your left over Christmas dinner!


Read on and find out more...

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Boxing Day Recipes

1. Pizza Féstive Al Forno

You've got to be kidding right? Christmas dinner, on a pizza? This has got to be the biggest bastardisation of recent times; perhaps with the exception of the Don't Stop Believin' cover from "Glee".

This little experiment started as a bit of a laugh, but much to our suprise the end result was actually very good! Simply throw together a dough base and layer up your christmas dinner on top. If you're feeling risky, you can do what we did and replace the tomato puree base with left over gravy. Ultimately, whatever it doesn't matter what you have left over as Bread and Cheese are very neutral additions to the mix!

The OC3D XMAS Pizza

- 1 x Tesco Pizza Base
- Tesco Value Mozerella
- Leftover Gravy
- Leftover Roast Potato
- Leftover Turkey
- Leftover Pigs in Blankets

Preparation Time - < 5min
Cooking Time - 15min @ 200c (Fan Assisted)

Boxing Day Recipes   Boxing Day Recipes

Boxing Day Recipes

This particular recipe has its gifts and curses. The good? It's christmas dinner on bread. The bad? It's christmas dinner on bread. As tastey as it was, it will inevitably taste just like yesterday's meal. Turn over for something a little more different...

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Boxing Day Recipes

Turkey Tikka Masala

We as a nation love our curry. What could go wrong when left over vegetables and turkey cuts meet a stir-in curry sauce? Simply mix, cook and simmer. Remember, if you leave the curry on low heat for a little longer, you stand a better chance of the flavour being absorbed by the vegetables and meat. So long as you have access to a bottle of stir in curry sauce (or similar) the preparation and cooking time is as low as fast food. Simply cook and serve with your choice of rice or bread; a great way to get rid of your left over vegetables!

The OC3D Turkey Tikka Masala

Tesco Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce
Leftover Turkey
Leftover Carrots
Leftover Green Beans
Leftover Potatoes

Preparation Time - < 5min
Cooking Time - < 15min

Boxing Day Recipes     Boxing Day Recipes

Not a fan of spices from the Indian subcontinent? Perhaps another wildcard might interest you...

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Boxing Day Recipes

Turkey Chow Mein

Without doubt, this recipe is the easiest of the lot. Following a similar routine to the Tikka Masala, you simply drop your leftover goods into a wok, add noodles and a stir fry sauce of choice. Stir quickly on high heat for roughly five minutes. The preparation tastes best when its sizzling hot so serve immediately and try not to burn yourself!

The OC3D Turkey Chow Mein

Leftover Turkey
Leftover Carrots
Leftover Green Beans
Amoy Thread Noodles
Tesco Chow Mein Stir Fry Sauce

Preparation Time - < 5min
Cooking Time - < 5min

Boxing Day Recipes

This concludes our top three list of Boxing Day recipes for this year. I suppose I must warn that our lack of culinary specialism means that we cannot be held responsible for any discomfort or illness caused by these suggestions. Use at your own risk.

Hope you're all having a leisurely boxing day! Discuss your festive shenanigans in our forums.