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BSA announces $1 million reward for piracy snitches

Fancy making yourself up to a $1,000,000 dollars in the fight against piracy? Yep you heard me right - up to 1 million smackers for dobbing in a software pirate.

In their latest campaign against software piracy the BSA (Business Software Alliance) is offering an increased windfall to 'dob in a pirate'. The campaign will be reinforced through advertising on the common forms of media, but will conclude after October when the 'promotional sum' will be reduced back to its regular offering of $200,000. So why the big bucks?

The BSA believes that $1,000,000 might make even the most timid person don the daring cape of the whistleblower. "Businesses often have a million excuses for having unlicensed software on office computers. BSA is now offering up to a million dollars for employees who turn them in," said Jenny Blank, director of enforcement for BSA, in a statement.

Potential whistleblowers are often quiet for fear that they could not only lose their jobs but also get a reputation as a "snitch," making it difficult to find employment later. Now thanks to the BSA, some whistleblowers could trade in their jobs at piratical businesses for varying shots at a big jackpot. The only catch: you need to be aware of some serious piracy goin' down to qualify for the big payouts.

BSA reward guidelines

BSA Reward guidelines (Source: BSA)

Is this a step in the right direction to stamp out software piracy?

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