Buffalo Release Yet Another Tiny USB Drive Page: 1
Guarenteed to get lost!
Buffalo's tiny USB drive with SD Card readerIt's a never ending race for flash memory manufacturers to release the highest capacity, yet tiny device. Buffalo have joined in, and added their own unique feature.
It's a 16GB USB drive, smaller than your thumbnail, but it has a built in  card reader. The device supports both MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards up to 16GB, for up to 32GB storage overall. Very useful, it's tiny and can store alot of data, it's one of those things you just plug in and forget about it. This might not be so good though, it looks very easy to lose, and let's face it, who can afford to lose 32GB of data?
Available to buy now for around $158 USD or £100 if it makes it to this side of the pond.
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