Bulldozer Release On Time, Says AMD Page: 1

AMD is already enjoying runaway success with its newly launched Fusion APUs. The success however, has also led to strong rumors that the chip makers Bulldozer based processors have been delayed. AMD has now officially gone on record saying that there is no delay in the launch of its Bulldozer products.

Following Fusion, AMD has two other product families slated for release in 2011 - Llano and Bulldozer. Citing sources close to the company, certain recent reports have suggested that while Llano chips are on track for a release in Q2, those based on Bulldozer are likely to be delayed. But according to AMD's John Fruehe, the director of product marketing for server, embedded and FireStream products, “The product is not delayed, Anton should not have used the "delay" word in his story because that is not true.”

Fruehe was responding to reports citing a statement by AMD Interim CEO Thomas Seifert which implied that the Bulldozer series launch has been pushed back by AMD. Seifer had stated, "We have entered a new phase with our 32nm ramp and are now sampling thousands of Llano products to a wide variety of OEMs and ODMs as they prepare for production in Q2.”

According to the AMD director, Bulldozer client products are still on target for a Q2 2011 launch, while the server versions will be out in Q3. While exact release dates have not been revealed, the statement from Fruehe does help put things into perspective.

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