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<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 04/02/2006
Author: Sam Garratt (Hyper) 
Hardware Acquired: Amazon UK


Today I will be looking at one of the latest inkjet printers on the market, the Canon PIXMA iP4200 was brought out recently to take over the ever popular iP4000 but Canon claim its cheaper and better than its predesesor.
Canon claim this little package can crank out 300 prints between refills and still provide lab quality photos which is rarther intresting to say the least.

I chose this printer as I needed something that would be used for everyday prints while still having the performance to create high quality images, Canon's printer seemed to fall straight into this catergory and therefore was the one for me.

First Impressions

I ordered this printer on the 02.03.2006 and to my amazement it was here within 2 days. the packaging was nothing special but it didnt need to be as inside the box was plenty padding and protection around the printer and accesories.


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<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 04/02/2006
Author: Sam Garratt (Hyper) 
Hardware Acquired: Amazon UK

In The Box

As I have already mentioned, inside the box was well packaged with four polystyrene supports on either side on the top and bottom.
The printer itself was wrapped in a plastic sheet and just generelly well packaged.


The box itself was around the size you would expect for a printer and not to heavy for the postman to lift.

The cartridges were pretty much as I expected but were very easy to open as they all had a small red tag on them which prevented my hands from being covered in ink.


The extra tray for the CD Printing was cautiosly packaged which isnt surprizing as its rather flimbsy and thin.

Manufacturers Specification
This info was taken from the Canon site.

Superior photo lab print quality
The 9600* x 2400dpi print resolution ensures detailed and vibrant photo lab quality output. Superior quality is achieved by Canon's FINE technology with minute 1pl ink droplets. ContrastPLUS technology with an additional dye based black ink brings extra depth and contrast to photos.

Fully featured for the price
Get far more for your money with direct DVD/CD printing, automatic double-sided printing and dual paper trays with front or top paper feeding as standard. An attractive and compact design allows this advanced photo printer to fit in easily anywhere.

Long-lasting prints
Canon's ChromaLife100 system of print head, new formulation inks and Canon genuine photo papers preserves your memories producing long-lasting beautiful photos**.

Rapid borderless photo printing
Print a photo lab quality 4" x 6" borderless photo in approximately 51 seconds in Standard mode*. Enjoy fast borderless photo printing on a range of sizes right up to A4.

Economical Single Ink System
The transparent Single Ink system ensures economical operation minimising ink wastage.

Easy direct photo printing
Print photos directly from PictBridge compatible digital cameras and camcorders with ease - no PC is required. Share prints moments after your photos are taken thanks to photo lab functionality.

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<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 04/02/2006
Author: Sam Garratt (Hyper) 
Hardware Acquired: Amazon UK

The Printer Itself

I was rarther surprized at the sheer size of the machine when it arrived as I was expecting it to be a little smaller but never the less it isnt huge.


It took around 10 minutes to setup although one thing that was a bit of a pain was that it didnt include a USB cable therefore I had to hunt for one I used on an old printer.
The printer does not come fully built therefore you have to insert the print head and cartidges but this wasnt a problem as it came with a easy to use manual.

Once the cartidges were in place, they had a red glow to them underneath to show they were fixed inplace which I found a nice feature to this printer.

Once the cartidges were in place you were finished and ready to connect it to your pc with the not included USB cable.
I downloaded the drivers from the easy to use Canon site rarther than using the ones provided on disk, once these were installed that was pretty much it and the printer was fully setup and ready to use.
The software provided allows you to change alot of settings from auto turn off and on to the quality of printing.
I found not much difference at all between normal and high quality prints when using the printer for average use but the difference was noticeable on big pictures.

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<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 04/02/2006
Author: Sam Garratt (Hyper) 
Hardware Acquired: Amazon UK

Other Accessories

There wasnt many other accessories included in the package but all the essentials were there.

Another selling point to this printer was that it allowed direct printing onto a printable disk which is useful for those who enjoy creating there own cd collections or storing pictures etc.


There was the other usual stuff which included the manual, driver cd and a cd printing guide and other bits of random paper!


Canon also kindly included some photographic paper which was an added bonus that I wasnt expecting:

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Canon PIXMA iP4200 Page: 5
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 04/02/2006
Author: Sam Garratt (Hyper)
Hardware Acquired: Amazon UK

The Conclusion

Well I have done several tests with this printer and I must say even on standard A4 paper the quality is stunning. This printer appears to have lived upto what it has been hyped upto be and is well worth every penny. I found the instructions easy to read and the setup straight forward but I think Canon should have included a USB cable. Just think of unpacking your new printer (all excited), following the guidelines then to find you cant get your new gadget running due to a missing part. I have printed several pictures and pages so far and all five ink cartridges are showing full so I cant really complain on ink. The software is easy to use and is very user freindly with no technical info that the average user wont understand causing confusion. Another good feature to the software are preset settings which are to be used again by the average user but for all you technical wizards out there you can create your own custom profiles if needs be. The appearance of this printer is not bad either with its sleek black and silver colour scheme, it wont have much trouble fitting into any modern home without sticking out like a saw thumb. Overall I think Canon have done an excellent job at creating a good all rounder which will outperform any other in its price range.

Amazon UK - £72.00 Posted
Overclockers UK - £81.84 Plus Postage
Pixmania - £62.00 Plus Postage
Ebuyer UK - £66.00 Posted

Easy setup
High Quality Prints
Custom and Preset Profiles
Cheap Price

No USB Cable Provided

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