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Overclockers UK Buyout

It seems that a recession takes its toll on a lot of things from our pockets, government pockets to the economy, and some of the changes are good, some are bad, and some are indifferent, some companies merge some go bankrupt some split into pieces some some disappear all together and this news seems to be that of a merger...

Afinum portfolio company Caseking, has purchased Overclockers UK for an undisclosed sum (estimated to be €50 million), the purchase is to be financed through a mixture of cash and long term loans.

A little about OCUK:

Founded in: 1999

Current Staff: Aprox 40

Location: Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Now call me pessimistic, but after the buyout of a British firm by a foreign one (i.e. Cadburys by Kraft) there tends to be a shedding of staff, a re-structuring of the business, and a drop in quality. This may not always the case, but we will leave you to make your own minds up about this. Lets hope they plan to expand the current business rather than just penny pinch. OCUK has a cult following with many loyal customers so it will be interesting to see how this transaction effects them in the long run.

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