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Official Press Release

CHIEFTEC to introduce Lifestyle PSU's

CHIEFTEC’s latest POWER innovation of the Super series -ranging from 850W ~ 1200W- has hit the market. The new Lifestyle power supply units from CHIEFTEC do not only captivate by their exclusive exterior looks and design, but scores as well by their value. Owing to CHIEFTEC’s long and foundated experience in the field of product development and design of power supply units, the SUPER SERIES become a guarantor for a balanced price/performance ratio.


- PS2 Form factor
- 1000 Watt Intel / AMD
- EPS12V for Dual Processor Mainboards
- Cable management
- All cables in 'net tube'
- 140mm & 80mm silent fan <~27 dB
- 'full range' input
- active PFC (Power Factor Correction)
- AFC (Automatic Fanspeed Control)
- OVP (Over Power Protection)
- OCP (Over Current Protection)
- OTP (Over Temperature Protection)
- 2 x 6-pin + 2 x 8-pin PCI Express connectors for all powerful graphic cards (SLI / Crossfire)
- >80% Efficiency

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