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CKC Coolermaster Koolance Cosmos 

Coolermaster Koolance Cosmos 

One of the reasons we have decided to add the Articles section to the OC3D front page is to let you see some of the things we get up to over at that dont always grace the pages of the main OC3D site. One of our current projects is a case build in a Coolermaster Cosmos 2 filled with some awesome Koolance water cooling, add to this an Asus Rampage IV Extreme and a pair of Asus 7970's and we already have the makings of what many would call their dream system.

Here is the introduction video for you all to see what goodies we have to play with:


So with a dream spec list and a the Koolance kit bundled hereshould you want to buy your own, first up we tackle fitting the Rampage water blocks.

Stay tuned for future updates, coming soon we will have the 7970 waterblock fitting guide, then its time to see how the radiators are going to go into the case before we move on to getting the hardware in!

The case and all the watercooling parts plus many many others are all available from Specialtech.

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