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Clarkdale On January 3rd
According to Fudzilla, Intel are planning to release the first of their 32nm dual core CPUs on January the 3rd, 2010. These processors will form part of the Core i5 range, the 600 series most likely. All four of the CPUs are apparently clocked above 3GHz, starting with the 3.2GHz 650, all the way up to the 3.46GHz 670. It gets better, though, with all four processor supporting Hyper-threading and Intel's Turbo Boost technology, automatically overclocking to near 4GHz in single core environments.
Also rumoured, but not confirmed for release are two Core i3 processors and a Pentium branded Clarkdale CPU, which will lack Turbo Boost and/or Hyper-Threading. The Clarkdale series of processors should be very successful with OEM and system integrators, with an integrated graphics and high clocks, it's the perfect solution.
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