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CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset  



The 'CM Storm' brand is Cooler Master's name for high-end gaming peripherals and components. Much like ASUS' Republic of Gamers, the CM Storm range has a primary target audience of those who take gaming seriously and demand the most from their hardware. Today we will be taking a look at the CM Storm Sonuz, a multipurpose gaming headset that promises to deliver crisp and powerful audio that they claim will give you a tactical advantage (Hense the aptly worded slogan "Don't let poor audio get you killed".


With its 53mm drivers, detachable microphone and comfortable ear pads, this certainly looks like something to get excited about, however Cooler Master have taken a different approach with the design of this headset and have created it with stereo output in mind. They have claimed it will "delivery of deep full sounds far beyond your expectations". So, without further delay - lets see what the CM Storm Sonuz has to offer.


Technical Specifications

  • Driver diameter: φ53mm

  • Frequency range: 10 – 20,000 Hz

  • Impedance: 45 Ω

  • Sensitivities(@1kHz): 98 dB ± 3 dB

  • Connector: 3.5 mm gold-plated headphone jack

  • Inner Ear Cup Diameter: 97.0 mm

  • Cable Length: 2.0m

  • Max Output: 200mW

    • Frequency range: 100–10,000 Hz
    • Sensitivities(@1kHz): -47 dB ± 3 dB
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 58dB
    • Pick Up pattern: Omni-Directional
    • Diameter: 4x1.5mm
Hardware Requirements
    • Audio Usage: Devices with 3.5mm audio jack and microphone jack
    • Audio + Microphone Usage: Devices with 3.5mm audio + microphone combined jack(Compatible with Apple iPhone®, HTC®, BlackBerry®)
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CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset

Packaging & First Look

The CM Storm Sonuz comes packaged in a striking black and red box, featuring a window at located at the front, that showcases the headset’s sleek aesthetics.             

CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset 

At the rear of the box, you will find a short product description that boasts some of the Sonuz's key features, in addition to some basic product information that is provided in a variety of languages.

CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset


To the side of the box are some more key features CM want the consumer to be aware of, as well as some technical information outlined in the specification section of this review.

 CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset   

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CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset

Up Close

As boasted by CM, the drivers are an impressive 53mm and are shrouded by large, softly padded earphones that should fit snugly over anyone's ears without any hassle.

CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset

The headset is adjustable on both sides and the microphone is situated on the left earcup as standard, however this is removable and can be plugged into either earphone to suit the end user’s requirements.

CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset 

The CM Sonuz comes with a very lengthy 2 Metre long cable. A little down the line from the headset is an in-line volume remote with a microphone mute switch.

CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset 

The connectivity of the Sonuz is basic, with only a headphone and microphone connection. CM haven't labelled these connections, so you may need to pay some attention to the coloured stripe on the plug itself – something that is perhaps a small oversight on CM’s part, given that a lot of people may struggle to see the different colours when installing the plugs at the back of a PC.

CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset  

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CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset


When testing audio equipment, the end result is always going to be subjective, which makes it imperative not to judge a product too harshly or too fondly. That being said the CM Sonuz is a 'Good' headset that ticks most of the right boxes, but is let down a little from being a ‘Great’ headset by not ticking some of the more important ones.


The headset feels quite large and relatively lightweight, which can easily be interpreted as robust and well-built; however, I couldn't help but notice some of the plastics used in the construction felt a little ‘cheap’ – possibly a strategy used to keep some of the costs low, but quite noticeable nevertheless. With that being said, CM have made the effort to braid the cable very nicely and gold plate the connectors - which adds to the feeling that a good amount of thought and consideration has been put into its design and functionality.


The Sonuz is a pleasure to wear, as the ear cups feel breathable and comfortable, whilst the microphone is suitably positioned a few inches from the face - ideal for those who use in-game communication applications to speak to friends, or those who use VOIP applications, because the headset didn't pick up the turbulent air sounds from my desk fan or of me breathing.


Whilst testing the headset in a variety of games, I was pleased with the experience overall. Bass and mid-range sounds were deep and defined; however, I felt the sound at times, was a little ‘tinny’ and weak for my liking. Whilst watching movies, I was inclined to change some settings on the media player equalizer to enhance the sound a little more, particularly during busier moments, the sounds were felt to be a little flat.


The CM Sonuz is a good all-rounder, offering good sound for a competitive price. It’s basic connectivity is ultimately its biggest downfall. Though the large drivers sound impressive when listening to music, sadly during movies and games, the lack of 5.1 surround sound left a lot to be desired and with the Sonuz having gamers as a primary a target audience. I couldn't help but think those die-hard FPS fans would get frustrated at the lack of sound positioning provided by 5.1 & 7.1 connectivity . I also felt that it should be priced a little more competitively, as it can found for around the £60 mark at some e-tailers – a price only a few pounds away the likes of the Roccat Kave, that offers a much more impressive sound experience.

For those reasons, it has earned itself a Bronze award - If priced a little better, for example around the £40 mark - it may have earned itself a Silver award.



Thanks to Cooler Master for letting us test the CM Storm Sonuz. You can discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.