CM Storm Trooper 360mm Roof Radiator Fitting Guide Page: 1

CM Storm Trooper 360mm Roof Radiator Fitting Guide  

There are so many great cases on the market these days that have amazing water cooling support, but how many times have you ever been sat there thinking to yourself 'I wish it supported this' or even maybe 'I wish I could fit that in there too'.
Continuing on with our new path OC3D will try to show that sometimes with the right tools a few hours spare and some careful planning you could make that almost perfect case - perfect for you.

Something we all felt that the CM Storm Trooper was lacking was 360mm radiator support in the roof. Yes we know it can fit 2x 240mm rads in there natively and you can easily slide a 360mm rad in the front. On closer inspection with the magic tool known as 'boredom' we realised its actually really easy to mod the case to allow a 360mm radiator to be used in the roof without any negative effects on the rest of the case. So highly charged on caffiene we broke out the video camera and set about trying to show you how you could easily do this at home with just a Dremel and a drill.



This wont be the last you see of the Storm Trooper getting the modding treatment so keep your eyes peeled for more inspirational content. You can discuss your thoughts on this guide in the OC3D Forums.