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CM Working On New Gaming Case Design
The boys over at bit-tech recently had a talk with well-known case manufacturer Cooler Master about their next case line, which is currently still under wraps.  While they stayed rather closed-mouthed about it, Cooler Master did say a few things about the new design.
First of all, this new case line will be targetting the so-called "gaming" market.  Now in general, being labeled as for the gaming market sets off warning signals in our enthusiast minds, especially when it comes to cases.   It heralds gimmicks and flashiness abound.
However, this could be different.  Cooler Master believes that they are going to give an "interesting" take on case design, that they are doing something never done before.  They hope to move away from "playing it safe."
 Now Cooler Master has recently been putting out some very nice clean, effective cases recently, namely the Cosmos S.  Hopefully they manage to continue this trend and put out some real innovation.
Think Cooler Master has what it takes to give the term "gaming case" a whole new definition?
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